Namesake Project: Italian Beach on the Seine

Scientist believe that if each human could plant six trees, global warming would be a thing of the past. Many human settlements have a rich cultural heritage which connect to nature through their namesakes. The Namesake Project proposes re-planting the trees and forests that lend their names to many parts of the peopled world. ThisContinue reading “Namesake Project: Italian Beach on the Seine”

The Camden Colorfield Project

The Camden Colorfield Project envisions the city of Camden as a giant colorfield painting, created by the blooms of indigenous flowers in the hues of the rainbow. A community art action, the Colorfield Project is making “Earth Balls,” balls of earth that that contain the seeds of indigenous wildflowers. Targeted for city wide planting, these marble-sized balls areContinue reading “The Camden Colorfield Project”

Manhattan Tundra Project

Conversation between artist Elizabeth Demaray and Igor Bronz, Engineer / Project Manager, Gaia Technologies LLP, on the Manhattan Tundra Project, 1/14/2020 IB: We need to green 50% of all buildings in NYC inorder to counteract the urban heat island effect/ ED: okay, so I’m going to describe the Manhattan Tundra Project to you andContinue reading “Manhattan Tundra Project”

On view: Home Is Where the Plastic Eating Stomach Is

Home Is Where The Plastic Eating Stomach Is, a living sculpture and community art action, considers the roll of plastic in our daily lives and proposes that we view this material as a resource. The heart of this installation is a plastomach (plastic+stomach), which actually consumes plastic by virtue of living fungi. Utilizing resent researchContinue reading “On view: Home Is Where the Plastic Eating Stomach Is”

The Shelter Project: nesting in the built environment

The Shelter Project, seeks to create alternative forms of housing for our companion species out of discarded, man-made, detritus . Shown above is an indoor installation of the project at the Manhattan Tundra exhibition on the 65th floor of the World Trade 4 Building. Each hard-walled suit, luggage and makeup case in the exhibition has been ventilatedContinue reading “The Shelter Project: nesting in the built environment”

Floraborgs on the Cover of Technoetic Arts!

The floraborgs are on the cover of Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research. I couldn’t be more thrilled. The floraborgs appear in an article by Patricia Olynyk titled Synthesizing fields: Art, Complexism and the Space Beyond Now. In the article Olynnyk does a superb job of tackling the rapidly expanding territory of art/sci production in relation to world-view ofContinue reading “Floraborgs on the Cover of Technoetic Arts!”

Transpiration Collector: Special Project for STEM 2017 at UWF Pensacola

The Demaray Kotchoni (DK) Transpiration Collector is an open source design created by Elizabeh Demeray and Dr. Simeon Kotchoni, for a plant based H2O purification and transpired water collection. Transpiration is the process that plants use to secrete purified H2O on the undersides of their leaves — trading water for atmospheric gas (CO2) assimilation– duringContinue reading “Transpiration Collector: Special Project for STEM 2017 at UWF Pensacola”

PandoraBird: Identifying the Types of Music That May Be Favored by Our Avian Co-Inhabitants at DigiHuman Lab Rutgers University

PandoraBird: Identifying the Types of Music That May Be Favored by Our Avian Co-Inhabitants is a site-specific installation that uses computer vision and interactive software to track the music choices made by local feeder birds. The project is in collaboration with the computer scientist Dr. Ahmed Elgammal and the The Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at RutgersContinue reading “PandoraBird: Identifying the Types of Music That May Be Favored by Our Avian Co-Inhabitants at DigiHuman Lab Rutgers University”