Plastomach, sculpture of stomach containing plastic eating fungi

Elizabeth Demaray

Floraborgs, Nesting in The Built Environment, Lichen For Skyscrapers


 The IndaPlant Project: An Act Of Trans-Species Giving is a homage to Valentino Braitenberg, a cyberneticist who created designs for a vehicle that was programmed for avoidance and attraction. Aimed at facilitating the free movement and metabolic function of ordinary houseplants, this system utilizes AI, this floraborg is able to freely navigate in a domestic space in search of sunlight and water, 2019.

Nesting in The Built Environment

Habitat for nesting in the built environment  (the Shelter Project) utilizes Samsonite suit, luggage and makeup cases that have been retrofitted as nesting and hibernation boxes for birds and bats, 2021.

Transspecies Giving

Home Is Where The Plastic Eating Stomach IsIsland features a plastomach. This refers to a living sculpture in the form of a stomach that eats plastic by virtue of living fungi, 2019