Manhattan Tundra Project

The Manhattan Tundra Project proposes the creation of human supported emergent ecosystems on the unused tops of modernist buildings in Manhattan. The project’s aim is to install 6 to 8 inches of top soil on each structure and re-use urban gray water to support unpeopled spaces that may be utilized by migrating plant and animal species currently threatened with climate change. The ultimate goal of the project is to support cliff-type ecologies that may become their own form of unique urban-life. The Tundra Project also proposes the installation of computer vision systems at the top of each building, so people who live or work in these structures can log on and see whatever live forms choose to inhabit their supported, non-peopled, Tundrascape.

Show here is a series of sculptures that are based on the shapes of the land masses in the NY Harbor. these sculptures are upholstered forms that have been planted with bird guano that has been collected from plant/seed eating migratory birds. The idea is that us humans may be able to support living non-human systems through the creation of Tundrascapes that may, in turn, support migrating plant and animal species threatened by climate change.

The project also proposes For info: Or follow the project @elizdemaray

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