Namesake Project: Italian Beach on the Seine

Scientist believe that if each human could plant six trees, global warming would be a thing of the past. Many human settlements have a rich cultural heritage which connect to nature through their namesakes. The Namesake Project proposes re-planting the trees and forests that lend their names to many parts of the peopled world. ThisContinue reading “Namesake Project: Italian Beach on the Seine”

The Camden Colorfield Project

The Camden Colorfield Project envisions the city of Camden as a giant colorfield painting, created by the blooms of indigenous flowers in the hues of the rainbow. A community art action, the Colorfield Project is making “Earth Balls,” balls of earth that that contain the seeds of indigenous wildflowers. Targeted for city wide planting, these marble-sized balls areContinue reading “The Camden Colorfield Project”

On view: Home Is Where the Plastic Eating Stomach Is

Home Is Where The Plastic Eating Stomach Is, a living sculpture and community art action, considers the roll of plastic in our daily lives and proposes that we view this material as a resource. The heart of this installation is a plastomach (plastic+stomach), which actually consumes plastic by virtue of living fungi. Utilizing resent researchContinue reading “On view: Home Is Where the Plastic Eating Stomach Is”

The One Bit Projector Project

On May 1st I had the great pleasure of presenting the The GameBoy One Bit Projector Project with Paul Johnson. The project was created for Shoot, View, Play: A Study of the GameBoy Camera at the Rutgers-Camden Digital Studies Center. This symposium was the official launch the Rutgers-Camden Archive of Digital Ephemera (R-CADE). The R-CADEContinue reading “The One Bit Projector Project”

IndaPlant Community Goes Live Each Day From 10:00am to Noon Via Webcam

I am thrilled to report that our current community of three IndaPlants (IP’s) from the IndaPlant Project: An Act of Trans-Species Giving went live via a webcam during an exhibition at the Association of Environmental Science Studies in New York this June. Visitors to the gallery at AESS were able to watch the floraborgs (part-plant/part-robot entities that useContinue reading “IndaPlant Community Goes Live Each Day From 10:00am to Noon Via Webcam”

The Songs We Sing Amsterdam at the Lloyd

The Songs We Sing Amsterdam is a site-specific installation that may be experienced at the Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy from May 27th till June 7th, 2013. Part of a multi-city project which is currently on display in Europe, The Songs Cycle piece considers the concept of a biotope – small environments shared by humans and other species.Continue reading “The Songs We Sing Amsterdam at the Lloyd”