Endangered Species Recipe Book: Dodo Bird in Wine, pg.13, oil on paper

The Endangered Species Recipe Book (text description):
Six major extinction events are chronicled in Earth’s geologic history. These events have occurred over the past 450 million years and typically span periods of tens of thousands of years. We are currently living through the Sixth Great Extinction. Never before has a major extinction event been caused by a single species, but this one is driven almost exclusively by human actions.

Dodo Bird in Wine. Oil on paper by E. Demaray and H. Bastidas. 2013
Dodo Bird in Wine. Oil on paper by Elizabeth Demaray and Hugo Bastidas. 2013

The Endangered Species Recipe Book, considers ways to view our ecological moment in the context of our historic interactions with the natural world. This project aims to utilize images, objects and text, found across the branches of history, science, art, and cultural studies at the National Archives, that relate to the cooking and preparation of species now endangered or extinct. This work is dedicated to the naturalist E.O. Wilson, who believes that by the end of this century—in our lifetimes, we will lose half of all plants, animals and birds on our planet, if our current rate of ecological destruction continues.

Published by demaray

I kinit sweaters for plants, I culture lichen on the sides of skyscrapers in New York City and I manufacture alternative forms of housing for hermit crabs, out of plastic. With the engineer Dr. Qingze Zou, I am currently creating the IndaPlant Project: An Act of Trans-Species Giving in which I am building light-sencing robotic supports for housplants. These moving floraborgs allow potted-plants to roam freely in a domestic environment, in search of sunlight and water.

2 thoughts on “Endangered Species Recipe Book: Dodo Bird in Wine, pg.13, oil on paper

  1. I think this painting was beautifully done. It made me wonder what animals were listed in the recipe book before the dodo bird. It also made me sad to think about which animals could be next; perhaps it could be humans that could be in this book’s final page.

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