Namesake Project: Italian Beach on the Seine

Scientist believe that if each human could plant six trees, global warming would be a thing of the past. Many human settlements have a rich cultural heritage which connect to nature through their namesakes. The Namesake Project proposes re-planting the trees and forests that lend their names to many parts of the peopled world. ThisContinue reading “Namesake Project: Italian Beach on the Seine”

Portfolio of Recent Work

  To aid in various applications this January 2016, I’ve compiled a portfolio of recent work. Feel free to browse. More in-depth descriptions a projects can be found in individual posts on this page. The pfd with images is here: Demaray_Portfoleo Text descriptions are here: The Hand Up Project, attempting to meet the new needs ofContinue reading “Portfolio of Recent Work”

The Songs We Sing Amsterdam at the Lloyd

The Songs We Sing Amsterdam is a site-specific installation that may be experienced at the Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy from May 27th till June 7th, 2013. Part of a multi-city project which is currently on display in Europe, The Songs Cycle piece considers the concept of a biotope – small environments shared by humans and other species.Continue reading “The Songs We Sing Amsterdam at the Lloyd”