Manhattan Tundra Project

Conversation between artist Elizabeth Demaray and Igor Bronz, Engineer / Project Manager, Gaia Technologies LLP, on the Manhattan Tundra Project, 1/14/2020 IB: We need to green 50% of all buildings in NYC inorder to counteract the urban heat island effect/ ED: okay, so I’m going to describe the Manhattan Tundra Project to you andContinue reading “Manhattan Tundra Project”

Transpiration Collector: Special Project for STEM 2017 at UWF Pensacola

The Demaray Kotchoni (DK) Transpiration Collector is an open source design created by Elizabeh Demeray and Dr. Simeon Kotchoni, for a plant based H2O purification and transpired water collection. Transpiration is the process that plants use to secrete purified H2O on the undersides of their leaves — trading water for atmospheric gas (CO2) assimilation– duringContinue reading “Transpiration Collector: Special Project for STEM 2017 at UWF Pensacola”